What is IADLearning?

IADLearning is a software that extends the capabilities of your Learning Management System (LMS) to offer students a personalized learning experience. IADLearning is based on the latest developments on educational technology where students have a leading role in their growth process.

The most relevant features of IADLearning include:

Personalized Content Recommendations

Adaptive content pathways maximize students’ performance and increase motivation by considering that every student has different knowledge, learning style and educational needs.

Predictive analytics

Predictive learning analytics offer teachers and institutions invaluable insights into ongoing learning processes. Analytics may be used to take proactive action aimed at mitigating learning risks and improving students’ engagement and performance.

Content and navigation alerts

Content alerts are raised when possible content quality issues are found. Navigation alerts are flagged when abnormal study patterns are identified. Alerts aim at early detection of risks that could have an impact on the success of ongoing learning processes.

Personalized Learning
Personalized Learning Benefits

IADLearning benefits

  • Maximize student's learning performance
  • Reduce drop out rates
  • Improve the effectiveness and quality of your content
  • Proactively act on ongoing learning processes and mitigate upcoming risks
  • Understand your students base and their educational needs
  • Capitalize your LMS investment while adding adaptive capabilities to your courses

Behind the scenes

IADLearning uses machine learning algorithms and big data analysis techniques to create content recommendations and to derive predictive analytics.

IADLearning determines the students’ behavioral patterns and their underlining learning styles. Combining the identified patterns with historical data, student profile information and student tests results, IADLearning establishes an individual dynamic pathway through your content for each of your Learning Management System (LMS) users.

Close scrutiny of student navigation models leads to content and student alerts.

The overall goal of all these techniques is creating a personalized learning experience for each of your LMS students.


Personalized Learning Big Data

IADLearning works with any Learning Management System implementing IMS-LTI