Improves students’ learning experience

Online learning students are unique. Using IADLearning, they may browse content in multiple ways and choose whatever learning strategy works for them: linear navigation, exploration of related concepts, “learn by interest”, etc.

Improves students performance

IADLearning provides personalized content recommendations that allow students to focus on whatever is relevant for them according to their profile and educational needs. This translates into measurable learning performance improvements.

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Helps on the transition to online learning
Using the automated import process provided by IADLearning, instructors may reuse their existing content and make it adaptive in an economically feasible way.

Improves content quality
IADLearning provides “content and navigation alerts” aiming to raise content issues that could be impacting students development. These alerts may be used to improve the quality of the content and to make it match the audience.

Improves online tutoring capabilities
IADLearning generates a set of predictive learning analytics intended to drive action aimed at improving the learning processes and mitigating the predicted risks.


Reduces dropout rates

IADLearning offers a personal online learning experience, focused on recommending students content that is really relevant for them, according to their profile and educational needs. This translates into better student engagement and reduced dropout rates.

Helps on migration online learning in an economically feasible way

IADLearning allows to reuse existing content and transition this content into an adaptive learning model in an automated and economically feasible way.

Allows to understand your students base

IADLearning offers learning analytics that allow to gather a better understanding of your students base, their needs and other aspects that could help you to imporve you teaching and business strategy.

Allows to capitalize your existing LMS investments

Become adaptive and get analytic insights at your existing LMS. IADLearning protects you investments while improving your LMS capabilities into the adaptive arena.

Online Learning Institutions

IADLearning works with any Learning Management System implementing IMS-LTI

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