Our Cookie Policy

This website, like most websites, uses Cookies to improve and optimize the user’s experience. Below you will find detailed information about what “cookies” are, what type of cookies this website uses, how you can disable them in your browser and how to specifically block the installation of third-party cookies.


What are cookies?

Cookies are files that the website installs in your browser or on your device (Smartphone, tablet or connected television) while you are browsing the pages of the website. Cookies are used to store information about your visit, which may be retrieved later.

iTopTraining uses cookies to:

  • Ensure that web pages work correctly.
  • Store your preferences.
  • Understand and improve your browsing experience.
  • Collect anonymous statistical information, such as the pages you have browsed or how long you have spent on our website.

Cookies can not access information stored on your computer or device. Nor can they damage or alter it.


What kind of cookies are used on this website?

The following section will describe the cookies being used on this website as well as their type and function:

 Type of cookie Description Examples of use 3rd Party Services
SOCIAL These cookies are used to link our website with various social networks: Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. By using the registration functionality, you authorise the use of cookies by the social network.
  • Send tweets from our web page.
  • Share an article from our blog on Facebook.
ADVERTISING These cookies are used for advertising purposes. They allow information about your navigation to be stored and used later to display adverts related to your interests.
  • Show adverts in banners.
ANALYTICS These cookies collect information about your browsing experience in a completely anonymous way. Its objective is to gather information aimed at improving either the content of the website or your user experience.

iTopTraining uses third-party analytical cookies, such as Google Analytics.

  • To determine whether the user accessing this site is a new or repeat visitor.
  • Determine the most visited content.
TECHNICAL These cookies collect generic and anonymous information that does not include personal data. Its objective is to ensure the correct functioning of the website.
  • Evaluate the response times of the site.



How can I configure my cookies?

By browsing and continuing to use our website, you are consenting to the use of cookies under the conditions contained in this Cookie Policy.  iTopTraining provides access to this Cookie Policy in order to ensure that the user is informed. The user may, at any time, exercise his right to block, delete and reject the use of cookies.

In any case, we inform you that since cookies are not required for the use of our website, you may block or disable them by adjusting your browser preferences in order to refuse the installation of all or some cookies. The grand majority of browsers can be set to warn users of the presence of cookies or to automatically reject them. If you refuse them, you can still use our website, although the functionality of some services may be limited and therefore your experience of our website may be less satisfactory.

Next, we provide you with links regarding the most popular browsers and devices, so that you have all the information required to manage the use of cookies in your browser.

  • For more information about Opera™ click here
  • For more information about Android™ click here
  • For more information about Windows Phone™ click here
  • For more information about Blackberry™ click here
  • For more information about the Google Chrome™ browser, click here
  • For more information about the Internet Explorer Browser click here
  • For more information about the Mozilla Firefox™ browser, click here
  • For more information about the Safari™ browser click here

If you would like additional information on how to configure cookies by provider or manage your preferences, visit the Your Online Choices portal.


Updates to the Cookie Policy

We may update the Cookie Policy of our website to adapt it to legislative changes, to comply with the requirements of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, or when there are changes in our agreements with third parties that install or use cookies. Therefore, we recommend that you review this policy each time you access our website in order to remain fully informed about how and why we use cookies.

The Cookie Policy was last updated on 06/03/2018.