Transform your data into learning analytics

Predictive Analytics

IADLearning creates predictive learning analytics from your data.

Take proactive action based on analytic insights and improve learning processes on multiple dimensions: student engagement, student performance, content quality, dropout rates, strategic planning, etc.

Whether you use our IADLearning product or not, we can help you with making sense of your data and with generating and presenting the learning insights that will make a difference at your institution.

Learning analytics may help you understand your students’ needs, the effectiveness of your content and how to drive forward a better overall teaching and business strategy.

Learning Analytics

Connect the dots into the future using learning analytics

Student Centric Analytics

Students are the focal point of every educational process.

Student centric learning analytics aim at predicting how to proactively assist students during their development.

Because each student is different, each student requires different support strategies. Student centric analytics help you design and implement those strategies in a timely and effective way.

Learning Analytics Student

Some key questions:

  • Which students are at learning risk?
  • Which students are at dropout risk?
  • What is the perception of your students on the difficulty and quality of your courses?
  • Which students need support on specific areas?
  • Are your course activities supporting your students’ learning?

Find your answers using

student centric learning analytics

Content Centric Analytics

Content and learning activities are your course backbone.

Understanding whether your content is inline with your learning objectives is critical for the success of the overall educational process.

Content learning analytics help you discover the content gaps you should address in order to get tangible learning improvements.

Learning Analytics Content

Some key questions:

  • Is your content inline with your audience needs?
  • What parts of your content need improvement?
  • Is all your content essential for your students?
  • Are there areas of interest not properly covered by your content?
  • Are there pathways through your content that will help students to learn more effectively?

Find your answers using

content centric learning analytics

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